CJI 2015 Grants to Movement Building Groups

For the past two years CJI’s grants have focused on movement building. This is because we know that in order to dismantle entrenched systems of injustice, you must build a movement. The more diverse the society, the more diverse the movement must be. CJI understands that we must educate communities both directly impacted and simply concerned; we must chip away at the barriers of race, class, age, gender and sexual orientation that keep us apart to connect likely and unlikely allies if we want to achieve success. That is why this year CJI funded organizations from varied communities working to expose and combat the horrifying atrocities and common place indignities committed by our government in the name of safety.

On the streets and reservations, in the schools and in the prisons, CJI grantees are battling the varied manifestations of race- and class-based mass incarceration. They are reaching out to like-minded organizations to build alliances that form one voice, one massive movement for a new social order. Calling for an end to a system of caging, cruelty and killing of human beings, our community members are working to create a society built on justice, not vengeance; on restitution, not retribution; on healing, not brutality. Led by survivors of this inhumane system and those it targets, CJI grantees are working to dismantle constructs of never-ending punishment to shape a society that will honor every life.

For a complete list of who we funded, go here