Important Grant Application Information: Demographics Chart

Why a Demographics Chart? 

Hi CJI Applicant!

You may be wondering why we have a Demographics Chart this year. As you know, in previous years we allowed organizations to provide this information to us in the ways that were easiest for them. Organizations did this in many different ways, providing very different levels of information, which made it very difficult for us to understand.  We thought it best to provide you with a description of what we mean to make things clearer. This is our first attempt to collect this information in a uniform way. We will likely make mistakes. For that, we apologize in advance and request your patience and well-intentioned suggestions for improvement, which we will certainly respect.

We understand that you may not have this information for all of your supporters or members. In that case we are asking you to make an honest, educated guess so we can better understand the community you work with. 

Some of this information may seem intrusive. As you are painfully aware, race, class, gender, income, and experiences with the criminal justice system are very much related. We are asking to push beyond traditional U.S. discomfort around race, identity and income to help us better understand the impact of the system on targeted communities. We are not asking for personal identifying information. By that I mean that we cannot look at this form and identify anyone in particular. However, collectively this information can help us better understand the amazing work that you do in your community. It can help us understand who is working with you on dismantling this system. And it can help CJI better understand the communities we fund.

Thank you in advance for your cooperation.

In Solidarity,

Aleah Bacquie Vaughn

Director, CJI

Download CJI Organization Demographics Chart  HERE