Watch Our New Highlight Videos From Fearless Visions, Real Solutions

Did you catch our new videos from Fearless Visions, Real Solutions yet? We're excited to share highlights from a weekend of incredible conversations with activists and organizers addressing Native Justice, Transgender Justice, Immigrant Justice, Incarcerated WomenJustice in Philanthropy and Building the Movement Against State Violence. Let's continue to build and share our fearless visions and real solutions with each other!

Watch activists, organizers and funders come together to address Native strategies for justice and community based solutions beyond prisons.

Watch: Justice in Philanthropy

"The Native American Movement, the Chicano Power Movement, the Black Power Movement; there's a misconception that those movements weren't funded. Much more money was actually going out to support organizing on the ground then is happening right now." 
-George Galvis, Communities United for Restorative Youth Justice

Watch: Linking Mass Incarceration and Immigration Movements

"A lot of the conversation about immigration has been left out of mass incarceration."
-Angie Junck, Immigrant Legal Resource Center

Watch: Justice for Incarcerated Women

"The idea that once you're criminalized that you're no longer valid as a parent is bullshit."
-Misty Rojo, Justice Now

Watch: Transgender Justice

"There is no such thing as re-entry because we're entering a society that has always told us we have no value or worth."
-Janetta Johnson, TGI Justice Project

Watch: Building the Movement Against State Violence

"We actually don't believe that police departments can be reformed, cause they aren't broken. They're doing what they were born to do." 
-Cat Brooks, Anti-Police Terror Project