Apply to Become a CJI Activist! Deadline July 31st!

Are you concerned about policing, prisons, and the specific way criminal justice issues affect your community? Are you an activist working to end profiling and harassment by police, state violence, mass criminalization and incarceration? Do you envision a system in which our identities are not criminalized? A system that includes healing, restoration, opportunities and true justice? Apply to join the Criminal Justice Initiative (CJI) Circle and help make a difference!  

CJI is a cross-class, racially diverse, funding circle made up of community organizers and activist donors. We are the 100% sitting at the same table, working together to make a difference! Using a consensus and near-consensus process, circle members collectively fund grassroots organizations led by the most impacted communities, especially experts in the current system, formerly-incarcerated people. Our grantees are working to fundamentally transform the U.S criminal justice system. CJI was among the very first funders of some current leaders organizing at the forefront of criminal justice and accountable policing - Critical Resistance, All of Us or None, Transgender, Gender Variant, Intersex Justice Project (TGIJP), Women on the Rise Telling Herstory (WORTH) and more. 

We know that certain communities are targeted, policed, criminalized, and incarcerated at much higher levels than others. CJI values having voices, guidance, and leadership from these communities and those involved in organizing those most marginalized in the criminal justice movement in our grantmaking circle. 

Right now, we are looking to bring on one or two activists with experience organizing in communities among trans*, gender non-conforming, and queer folks around the criminal justice issues these communities face.  

We are looking for:

   An activist with experience organizing in trans* and gender non-conforming communities around criminal justice issues, with an orientation towards movement building  

   An activist with knowledge and experience of the specific issues faced by those whose genders and/or sexualities are deemed "other" in the criminal justice system and with police

   A formerly incarcerated person or a person directly impacted by the criminal justice system (profiling, excessive-policing, police abuse, framing, incarcerated/detained family members, threat of detention, etc.) 

   Someone able to work in a group toward consensus with people of different backgrounds (race, gender & gender identity, wealth, sexual orientation, age, religion/faith)

   A person who is comfortable with the concept of promoting the leadership directly impacted people in this movement

   An activist who believes that the current system must be radically transformed, if not abolished and rebuilt

   Someone willing to be forthcoming in the circle--participate in discussions, ask questions, share perspectives

   Someone accessible via email and cell phone.

This is a great opportunity to learn about grant-making as well as how philanthropy can help making a difference in transforming the U.S. criminal justice system. It is also a chance to learn about an innovative, collaborative social justice model of funding social justice movement-building that is unparalleled in most other types of grant-making institutions.


Each candidate must:

    Fill out this short application by midnight on July 31st, 2016

    Include a bio and CV/resume

   Provide 3 references to attest to their reliability, organizing experience and style, and political orientation

   Be comfortable with CJI mentioning, where and when appropriate, that its Circle members include people who have been incarcerated.

Preference will be given to LGBTQ people, especially transgender / gender non-conforming community leaders who were formerly incarcerated, people of color, low-income people, and other people disproportionately impacted by policing and prisons. 

Link to application: