Bail Reform Webinar on February 17th!

CJI’s monthly series of Education & Strategy Webinars are led by activists & organizers fighting back against criminalization & incarceration around the country. Join us!


Recent advances in bail reform around the country have led to decreases in bail amounts, reductions in the numbers of people held on bail and, in some cases bail being eliminated as a requirement in all but a few cases. Some groups are raising money to pay bails for people who can't afford it. However, new strategies from the right are being pushed to maintain the status quo in the guise of reform. Learn about how to identify and resist this right-wing strategy in your community.

Sign up for the first webinar to learn more about the impact of new bail policies and recent strategies in bail reform organizing with presenters: Sarah Morris (Youth Arts Self-empowerment Project), Hannah Sasserman (Media Mobilizing Project), & Ezra Ritchin (Bronx Freedom Fund)

The Webinars are FREE & take place on the 3rd Friday of every month! Register for instructions on joining.