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CJI members are funding the movement to end criminalization, incarceration and state violence for a more just world. To become a member, make a recurring donation to CJI today.

Who are CJI Members?

CJI holds close our vision of a world in which activists, donors, and donor-activists join together (the 99% and 1%) to support a movement of grassroots organizing led by the people on the front lines of resistanceCJI members are longtime CJI donors, staff and members of CJI grantee organizations, activists looking to build locally and nationally and people who are looking for a way to start plugging into this movement for the first time. CJI's funding model, in which funding is determined by the CJI leadership circle rather than a few people with wealth or foundation staff alone, ensures that the people who face the violences of criminalization, incarceration, and state violence have decision making power in determining where movement resources are distributed. Members support CJI to fund grassroots organizing groups led by and for those most impacted.

Why join CJI now?

The organizing that CJI funds is exactly the kind of work we need to double our support for in this moment: local organizing led by incarcerated, formally incarcerated, Black, Latino, Native, Muslim, immigrant, women, queer, trans and poor folks to transform the most powerful arm of repression and oppression in our nation--the criminal justice system. This is the system that the Trump administration promises to wage against our communities even more violently. As a member you can ensure ongoing support for CJI’s activist-led funding of grassroots organizations for years to come by committing multi-year support or becoming a monthly sustainer.  Our movements for justice need to grow at unprecedented levels and they need the resources to do it.  Now is the time to grow the movement to end mass criminalization, incarceration and state violence led by those most impacted.

Now is the time to join CJI.

As a Member of CJI, you will:

  • Receive invitations to education & strategy calls where you can engage directly from activists and organizers leading this movement from around the country on key issues. CJI is a community in which to develop politically, strategize, and connect with others.

  • Get invitations to events and discounted rates to political education programs.  CJI events and programs are a chance to connect and learn together in beloved community, brought together by our shared commitment to this movement. Your level of participation is up to you.

  • Have the opportunity to learn about and support urgent movement organizing needs through CJI's new rapid response funding program.

Join CJI now at the level most appropriate for you. Think with us, share power and resources, participate in the movement of our time. 

Become a CJI member now.