Coming Soon! Applications will open this spring!

Strategic Opportunities for Support (SOS) Rapid Response Fund

 CJI Grantee  Anti Police-  Terror Project  at the Oakland Police Administration Office, Oakland, CA

CJI Grantee Anti Police-Terror Project at the Oakland Police Administration Office, Oakland, CA


Why the SOS Fund now?

From the Muslim ban to rescinding DACA and increased criminalization of immigration, to state backing of white supremacists and killer cops, to the criminalizing of protesters, the current political landscape is a rapidly changing fight for our lives and the earth. Organizations working on the ground are challenged to respond powerfully and strategically with limited time and resources to a never-ending string of affronts. These moments all provide many opportunities to grow the resistance movement for justice and safety in this country through increased outreach, education, and activity.

Because of CJI’s positioning within, rather than adjacent to, the movement, organizations often reach out to us for support for urgent actions and strategic movement convenings. Previously, we have not been able to provide support outside of our regular grantmaking cycle.

CJI is launching the Strategic Opportunities for Support (SOS) Rapid Response Fund to provide flexible and immediate funding to organizations building strength at critical junctures. 

Examples of what the SOS Fund supports:

  • Organizations sending organizers to convenings or strategic locations where resistance is happening in response to killings by police, conditions in prisons and detention centers, mass deportations, etc.
  • Mass mobilizations of organizations working to end state-sanctioned violence
  • Individual and collective healing after moments of collective trauma related to state-sanctioned violence
  • Key gatherings to build movement strategy among coalitions and across broad sectors of the resistance movement

The SOS Fund is currently in development. Stay tuned for the simple application, which we will post in the spring!

Please support CJI as we expand our support for this growing movement for all of our lives!